Monday, February 1, 2010

Week 15

And I'm at that awkward stage where the people that don't know I'm pregnant are giving me sidelong glances that say 'whoah, maybe she shouldn't have that bag of candy bars at her desk'...

I haven't gained any weight yet because I lost a few pounds in the first trimester, mainly because I lost all my booze calories, but also because nothing sounded tasty to eat.
But now I'm definitely starting to show around the middle and I have these serious cravings for something sweet. The Captain asked me to bring our leftover Halloween candy into the office to foist it on my coworkers. They haven't seen a single Sweetie. I've been horking my way through it ever since.

I'm trying to be be healthier than I was pre-pregnancy, but last Wednesday I had a Crunch-Wrap supreme from Taco Bell ( a bewildering 'food item' I can only describe as a tostada wrapped in a giant flatbread tortilla, formed into a discus shape, then squashed in a george forman-like grill so it's been panini'd. We make commercials for taco bell, I have to eat their food sometimes... HAVE TO) and ate FOUR mini Nestle Crunch bars... I had a salad for dinner that night and enjoyed a gigantic helping of guilt for the next three days...

Please tell me that you've cheated on the healthy food on occasion during pregnancy.


  1. Um, I think I had Taco Bell at least once a week when I was pregnant. Of course, I also gained 30 lbs.

  2. I eat healthy a good portion of the day, but my last calcium serving(or 2)and fruit serving of the day is a bowl of icecream with cherries, banana, or pineapple.