Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The aisle seat and other bonuses of being pregnant

So there are a few perks of being pregnant (aside from the big pay-off in the end.)

1) I get the aisle seat at the movies because I pee all the time. This also benefits me at restaurants when we are in a round booth. I've always hated being trapped in a movie aisle or a booth. Now I have an excuse to sit at the end.

2) I get to eat first. At my sister's wedding reception everyone made me cut ahead of them in the food line so I could get some lasagna, STAT. This was glorious.

3) WARNING for male readers: TMI. I haven't had my period in five months. BONUS!! Granted I still have the raging hormones so, too bad for the people around me but all the gnarly physical discomforts and inconveniences... nope...

4) My skin looks grrreeat!

5) My dreams are lucid and full of adventure. Nothing really scary or weird. But even the most intense dreams are more like watching an action film as I'm aware that I'm dreaming. This perk is particularly awesome.

6) I'm getting more creative with my outfits because my go-to 'jeans and a t-shirt' combo is no longer working.

7) Best Husband Ever Bonus: The Captain brings me breakfast in bed most days of the week, if he has time. MOST DAYS OF THE WEEK!! I am one ridiculously lucky lady.

In my second trimester the pros definitely outweigh the cons, however, BOO to heartburn. Man, that is UNcomfortable. And I get it from everything. It attacks without discretion.

Off Topic Addendum:

a) This baby is probably going to come out individually wrapped if the amount of string cheese I've eaten during this pregnancy is any indication

b) My grandpa stopped me while I was walking back down the aisle after my sister's wedding ceremony to hug me and holler "HOW'S MY LITTLE FAT GIRL?". nice

What were your knocked-up bonuses, ladies?


  1. Having license to nap, a valid excuse to spend a lot of time shopping and an excuse to wear flip-flops at nearly all events.

    Glad you are enjoying this time.