Friday, March 5, 2010

Bigger Baby = Stronger Kicks

She is getting bigger...and stronger. This morning as I was lazing in bed, she pulled a move I will call 'The Starfish'. This happens when she thrusts out all four appendages, simultaneously in different directions managing to hit me in four spots at once. And she is strong. This does not bode well.

Update: I'm starting to feel like my old self again from an energy standpoint. It's hard to explain the incredible fatigue that sets in in the first trimester. Granted, I still can easily fall in bed and sleep by 9pm but the all-day-long 'I want to sleep right now, on the floor' feeling has receded and left in it's place, what feels, comparatively like an enormous amount of energy. There are times during that first three months when you feel like you will be exhausted for the rest of your life. You forget what it felt like to NOT want to always be in sweat pants on the couch watching re-runs....and it feels really good when find yourself 'back' again, active, interested and alert...for the most part.

In medical news, my Gestational Diabeetus test is coming up. If it's possible, I'm going to wheedle my doctor into letting me out of it. Only 1/3 of women who test positive on the test actually have the diabeetus. When you arrive for the test, you're given a sugar solution that contains at least 50 grams of glucose. I'm told it tastes like the syrup part of soda pop. Disgusting. 15 to 23 percent of the time results come back abnormal even when there is no diabeetus and then there is another torturous three hour test, where they most likely will determine that I don't have GD. The point of the test is to see how efficiently my body is processing sugar, however, making me fast for the previous 8-14 hours or so prior and then giving me a huge dose of sugar which my body is not accustomed to anyway is most likely going to make my levels abnormal. That's not rocket science. I don't wanna do it. We'll see what happens.

In music news: I compiled some songs that make good lullabies for my cousin this week (and for my own future use, of course) because she was playing one last weekend repeatedly for her son that would have made me fail a Glucose Tolerance Test, it was so saccharine sweet, with some seriously irritating lyrics.

My collection thus far is pretty good, if I do say so myself, including Alison Krauss, Cat Stevens, James Taylor and Pink Floyd. Do YOU have any recommendations?

In Fashion news, I found one pair of pants this morning with a low enough waist that I can still wear them. joy. However I've gained about 4 pounds in two weeks. whoah.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. i rocked my niece to "touch me" by bob marley and she also loves some of the more melow melodic radiohead stuff, she totally hmmms and sings along.